Are wood shingles or wood shakes right for your Manhattan, KS home?

Wood shingles

Wood shingles are machine cut from wood blocks and create a smooth and uniform look on a roof. Both sides of a wood shingle are smooth and consistent thanks to their machine-made manufacturing process.

Because they are smooth and flat, wood shingles offer a sleek design and increased protection. Residents in colder climates find wood shingle roofs to perform exceptionally in terms of keeping the interior warm. As for aesthetic, wood shingles compliment the natural beauty that surrounds a home, adding depth to an exterior. There are various styles of wood shingles, including fishscale, diamond, sawtooth, and steam-bent, each offering a unique look.

Wood shakes

Wood shakes are split by hand from lumber logs. Shakes lack uniformity, each shake having a slightly different thickness. Typically, one side of a shake has a hand split texture, and the other side is typically smooth and sawn.

Shakes are much thicker than shingles, leaving a much different look. A home with wood shakes has character and captures attention. With a rustic look, wood shakes enhance the traditional elements of a home. Obtaining a wood shake roof involves an extensive manufacturing and installation process. Felt is installed between each shake, leaving a durable and charming roof.