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Protect Your Business From the Elements

Built-up roofing, or BUR, is comprised of alternating layers of ply sheets, bitumen layers and a gravel-like top surface. Most commonly used for low-slope or flat roofs, BUR creates a sealed surface. This differs from shingle roofing in that built-up roofs are continuously sealed, while roof shingles are not and therefore require a steep slope to effectively protect against the elements.

BUR roofing has an average lifespan of 15-30 years, depending on climate and materials. Once installed, this low-maintenance roof provides waterproofing, ultra-violet protection, and fire-resistance. We can install a durable, attractive built-up roof that will protect your business from the elements for years to come. Built-up roofing is popular among business owners because it is:

  • Durable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Waterproof, even for flat or low-slope roofs
  • Ultra-violet protecting
  • Fire-resistant
  • Easy to repair

Built-up Roof Repairs

Keep your built-up roof in Manhattan, Junction City & Topeka, KS maintained

It's important to keep your built-up roof repaired to prolong the lifetime of your roof. Danker Roofing, Inc. provides reliable built up roof repair services in Manhattan, Junction City, Wamego & Topeka, KS. Some common problems include:

  • Open joints - Weather can cause joints or seams to separate, which should be repaired as soon as possible to protect the construction materials underneath. To repair, we will add cement under the seam or add a piece of felt to cover the seam, depending on the situation.
  • Blisters - Blisters in built-up roofing are repaired by cutting the blister, removing the damp felt layers, and adding new felt layers. This repair is then covered with asphalt.
  • Undulations or waves - Built-up roofing waves are fixed by simply adding layers to even the roof. At Danker Roofing, Inc., we are sure to check the condition of these layers before adding the leveling layers.
  • Cracks - As built-up roofing ages, cracks can appear in the asphalt's surface. To repair, the area is first cleaned. Then, a coat of cement is applied, and roofing felt is added. This process is repeated until the crack appears durable. Gravel is applied to complete the repair.

    Danker Roofing, Inc. provides reliable and thorough built-up roof installation and repair services to the Manhattan, Junction City, Wamego & Topeka, KS area. Schedule built-up roof installation services by calling (800) 576-1969 at (785) 776-9128 today. We'll be happy to give you a free estimate.

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